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I'm so happy I managed to find this community...I just adore Miyu/Larva and was really looking for other lovers of Vampire Princess Miyu! Nice to mee you all.

Hope you like my first offering!

Artist: royalbk
Subject: Vampire Princess Miyu
Characters: Miyu/Larva
Number of icons: 10/10
Lyrics: Possession by Sarah McLachlan
Community: done for the community 10_lyricons

No one can escape their chosen fate. Even if they did not choose it

Also...since I'm here and all! If anyone is interested, I am a mod for the icontest community called bishie_awards and officially in charge of Larva. The very handsome Western Shinma! If anyone is interested in making icons with him...go join! Other bishies are also there (like, say, Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha)

*winks* ^___^
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